Young Writer Competition

The competition: The Rotary Club – Severn Vale Area Section
Theme: “My Happiest Day”

Young people were asked to produce a piece of fiction or non-fiction/story or poem, relating to this theme. It should be up to 550 words long or 1 side of an A4 sheet. Kerry won at the Senior Level. Kerry’s work has now been entered into the District section, and we’re waiting to hear how she has done.

My Happiest Day - Poem

I hate the idea of the ‘happiest day’.
One day when you just feel good
Fixated on concepts of ‘perfect’,
The ‘best’. We don’t see what is already here.
We don’t understand - imperfect’s perfect;
It’s sadness that helps us see good.
We’ll wait and wait for the ‘happiest day’
But it’s been here all along - we just missed it.
By Kerry