Applying to Marling Sixth Form - September 2023

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Application to join Marling Sixth Form in September 2023
Deadline for applications is Friday 17 February 2023.

Click the link below to access the application form. Please note, this form is only for students not currently studying at Marling School.
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This form will save your changes, so if you are unable to complete it in one session, you can return to it at another time and continue from where you left it.

While this is our preferred method of application, if you are unable to apply online, a printable copy of the application form is available below. 

Completed forms should be returned by Friday 17 February 2023 to:    

Mr Farr

Head of Sixth Form

Marling School

Cainscross Road

Stroud GL5 4HE


Chat to Marling Sixth Formers

This section is to help you find out about life at Marling Sixth Form. Scroll through the profiles below to read about and contact individual students.
  • From Head Girl: Hi, I’m Lily. I’m studying Music technology, English Literature, Drama and my Breadth Option in EPQ. Within my time at Marling, I want to focus on making a difference through educating societal topics that aren't taught as formal subjects. This would mean aiming to teach a deeper understanding on matters such as sexism, racism and mental health in an impactful and memorable way. Since starting at Marling, I have taken part in Netball Club, the School Production, Foreign Film Club, and the Senior Choir. As I knew no one when starting at Marling, these extracurricular activities helped me to make some of the closest friends I have now. I’m not sure what the future holds for me, I know I want to travel, and I am currently considering studying Film or another one of my passions at university. For now, however, I am excited to step into my role of Head Girl and make a positive difference at Marling. If you have any questions, email them to me at
  • From Head Boy: Hi, I’m Luke, I am studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Being part of the student leadership team will allow me to support everyone at Marling no matter what year group or concerns they may have. During lower school I was a part of the Athletics and Cross Country teams. Outside of school I go to the gym and am part of the Cam Everside Football Team. I hope to take a course in Engineering at University after Sixth Form. You can email me with any questions you may have at
  • From the Mentoring & Well-being Focus Group: Hi, I am Paige and I am currently studying Chemistry, Biology and Design and Technology (Product Design); my future goal is to pursue a career in Dentistry. My goals in this role are to create a safe environment for students to feel comfortable enough to seek educational and mental support within the school. Additionally, I want to set up a reliable and effective system that will help aid students in their education; and provide students of all years with the suitable support they deserve. I believe all students should feel safe enough within their own school to ask for support when they are struggling in both their well-being and in education. I take EPQ as a breath option and I am part of MEDSOC, the Diversity club and I attend the scholarship program. I have taken an interest in the fashion industry, sewing and creating my own clothing items. If you have any questions, I can be contacted by email on
  • From the Mentoring & Well-being Focus Group: Hi, I’m Jonny, and I’m studying Maths, Further Mathematics, Physics and German - as well as an EPQ. While at Marling, I have seen myself and my cohort develop both personally and academically into capable and ambitious individuals. I believe that the students - and the diversity of experience and skill sets they represent - truly make Marling; and by tapping into this resource, I think we can make a self-renewing student culture. I owe so much to the opportunities that the school has provided throughout my time; I participate widely in clubs - Debating, Philosophy & Games club - and also explore my love of music - be that at Orchestra or Jazz band. Recently I attained an Arkwright Scholarship for Engineering - testament to the time the departments invest in their students. After my A Levels, I want to go on to university, most likely to take a course in Engineering. You can email any questions to
  • From the Student Experience Focus Group: Hi I’m Emma and I study English Literature, Maths and History and my breadth option is Creative Writing. Within my role as Student Experience Leader, I hope to help create the best environment for students within Sixth Form and the lower school and ensure that all students really enjoy their time at Marling. Outside of school, I enjoy being part of my local youth forum, as it helps me to be a more active member of my community. I also enjoy reading, going out with friends and going to the gym! After I have completed my A- levels, I hope to study a law degree either at university or through an apprenticeship. I can answer any questions you may have. Send them to this email
  • From the Student Experience Focus Group: Hi, I’m Mary. I’m studying Biology, Chemistry and P.E. My Breadth Option is EPQ. I have applied for this role because I want to focus on how we experience school and how I can improve that, as well as help with underlying issues within our school. I want to help those that do not believe their issues aren’t big enough to be shared because any voice is important to me no matter who you are. I would like to thrive to make this school a place where we are constantly being educated on what matters and able to use that knowledge to make this school a comfortable and positive environment. Since I have started school, I have been part of MedSoc, Netball Club and Basketball Club. Outside of school I volunteer in a hospital. Before lockdown, I took an interest in doing nails and became more focused on my future in medicine and how I would go about it. Send any questions to
  • From the School Events Focus Group: Hi, I’m James. I’m studying Politics, History, Sociology and Classical Civilisation. As a member of the student leadership team, I help to enrich the school experience, across all stages in school life. I also take part in the Scholars’ Programme, which aims to help students prepare for applications to competitive university courses. Outside of school, my main passion is judo. I have competed at tournaments for several years and am currently part of Cirencester judo club. After I’ve completed my A Levels, I plan on going to university and am considering History and Politics. If you have any questions, I can be reached at
  • From the School Events Focus Group: Hi, I'm Milena and I'm studying Biology, Sociology and Business, with an EPQ as my breadth option. I have taken the role of ‘School Events’ coordinator and aim to introduce new events into Marling, hopefully beginning with planning a culture day in order to celebrate and appreciate all students from different backgrounds and making sure that they too feel represented and comfortable to be themselves within the school. I am currently part of the netball club. After sixth form I plan on going to university and I'm considering going into Nursing as I really enjoy helping others. If you have any questions, email them to
  • From the Outreach Focus Group: Hi. I’m Jacob and I’m studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry. My breadth option is an EPQ focused on linguistics which provides a balance to the science subjects. I came from outside of Marling and want to maximise my opportunities here by being a part of the student leadership team. By being on the team I am able to bring an external perspective and act as an advocate for those who are also new to the school or considering becoming a student. I take part in the Scholar’s Programme and I am involved in the Model UN Club. Out of school, I take part in Scouting, I enjoy 3D design and printing and I volunteer at a heritage steam railway. I really hope in my role here I can create a place of enjoyment and growth for students at Marling Sixth Form. I can answer any questions you may have. Send them to
  • From the Outreach Focus Group: Hi, I’m Emma. I’m studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, along with writing an EPQ as my breadth option. In school, my main focus will be to recruit external students who are considering joining Marling for Sixth Form and aiming to create a positive, supportive and welcoming environment for them. I am also a part of both the ’Coaching and Mentoring programmes’, assisting younger students in both pastoral and academic aspects, as well as attending Medsoc and Dissection club. Outside of school, I do yoga classes on a weekly basis, as well as reading around my subjects. After my A Levels, I plan to study Medicine at university. Any questions, email me at
  • From the Outreach Focus Group: Hi, I’m Henry and I’m studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and I take EPQ as my breadth option. Within school I take part in activities such as Dissection Club and the Scholars Programme. I am one of the student leads for the environment and in my time in this role I aim to greatly improve the way that the school deals with and understands the environmental issues that are currently of major importance to all of us. One of my main goals is to increase the amount of recycling bins across the school, and have them clearly labelled so that students can easily recycle more of their waste. The environment is something that I believe we should do our best to sustain and improve, so in my time in this role I would like to make a start at doing this. If you have any questions, send them to this email:
  • From the Outreach Focus Group: Hi, I’m Ailsa. I’m studying Biology, Geography and Psychology and I’m also doing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award as my Breadth option. In school I want to focus on improving Marling’s environment by reducing our carbon footprint and waste. During my time at Marling so far, I have already participated in the Netball team, Girls Football team and been a part of the Mentoring programme, supporting younger students with their studies. Outside of school, I’m a competitive swimmer and I play club netball. After I’ve completed my A Levels, I hope to attend University, although I’m currently undecided on what to study! I can answer any questions you may have. Send them to
  • From the Social Media & Communications Focus Group: Hello, I’m Alfie and I’m studying Computer Science, Maths, Further Maths and Physics A Levels. I’m a passionate programmer who aims to use Computer Science to create a positive effect on the world. In my role as ‘Social Media Manager’ I plan to use my pre-existing social media experience and logical thinking to channel the true spirit of Marling into its social media pages to ensure people can really understand what our Sixth Form stands for. I am a member of the debating society, I am part of the Green Car team and take part in the Scholar’s programme. Outside of school, I have competed in numerous cyber competitions and build my own websites and computer projects. Following A Levels I plan to go to university to study computer science with the aim of eventually creating my own start-up company in the software industry. If you have any questions, email them to
  • From the Social Media & Communications Focus Group: My name is Molly. I am studying History, Politics and Graphic Communications, with EPQ as a breadth option. In my role in the ‘Social Media & Communications Team’, I want to get students more involved in school events and activities and help to create a sense of community. Social Media is such a diverse tool within the modern school environment, and I think it can be used to create a common interest and is a very useful way of communicating information quickly. After my A Levels I hope to go on to study a History and Politics degree at university. In my free time I like to play piano, enjoy team sports like hockey and have a deep interest in Formula One. Send any questions to this email:
  • From the School Council Focus Group: Hi, I’m Adam and I’m studying Politics, Economics and History with my breadth option being an EPQ based on the financial sector. As a member of the Student Council throughout secondary school I feel that as co-chair I can bring to light the previous issues facing the student council and will be in a good place to help improve students voice in decision making around school. As well as this I am a member of debating society and model UN. From these I feel I have learnt how to properly regulate debate and make sure it doesn’t get held up, and no progress is made. Outside of school, my main interests are mountain biking and I volunteer at my local bike shop. In my role I hope to encourage student involvement in the school council and implement their ideas as well as get students from both secondary school and sixth form. Send any questions to
  • From the School Council Focus Group: Hi, I'm Jamie and I am currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Economics. I am very excited to be given the opportunity to co-chair the school council with Adam, and hope that we can make good progress during our tenure. For me, my main goal is to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our school community, which is achievable in many different ways such as more widespread, easily accessible recycling bins around the site. Outside of school, I enjoy playing the guitar, have a Black Belt in Taekwondo and a keen golfer! After having completed my A Levels, I am planning on venturing into the Finance/Economics world at University, potentially leading into a career in one of these sectors. I look forward to working with the school council to address key issues. If you have any problems or worries please don't hesitate to ask me at
  • From the Digital Strategy Focus Group: Hi, I’m Wyatt. I’m currently studying Maths, Physics and Computer Science. I’m interested in how computers can be used to solve complex problems and improve our lives - I've created many different projects aimed at increasing productivity and saving time. Additionally, I enjoy debating and cross-country and am active in the respective clubs at Marling. I’ve done a lot software development work personally and professionally, and I’m thrilled to be part of the student leadership team as Head of Digital Experience. I’m particularly passionate about increasing collaboration with the lower school, expanding Marling’s digital presence and working with the Outreach team. I can answer any questions you may have. Send them to
  • From the Student Transition Focus Group: Hi I’m Maddie, I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths and as a breadth option I am doing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Outside of school I am also doing a Diploma in Sporting excellence A Level through the England Handball programme. My main focus is the reducing the uncertainty of the transition between Year 6 to 7 and Year 11 to 12. I want to ensure that new students feel welcome and supported through the unfamiliar pathway. Most importantly I want Marling to become a more comforting environment for all students. Following my A Levels, I am planning on going to university to hopefully study Dentistry. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, playing sport and going to the gym. Currently, I am in the Great British U17s Team in Handball which will hopefully have some tournaments abroad this year. In my spare time, I also dance and play netball. If you’d like to ask me anything, please feel free to email me at
  • From the Charity's Focus Group: Hi, my name is Lia. I am currently studying English Literature, Sociology, Photography and my Breadth Option is Classical Civilisation. My main focus within the Student Leadership Team is to help run the school’s ‘Charity Events’ working alongside my friend Loula. I feel it is incredibly important to give back to the wider world whilst creating a sense of unity within the school. Charity work harnesses the power of a community, and I am hoping that all students at Marling feel purpose and pride in doing so. After I finish my A Levels I would like to spend a gap year volunteering in South America whilst also combining my passion of photography and journalism. Outside of school my main interest is netball, which I have been playing since a young age and still regularly participate in now. If you have any concerns or questions, email them to
  • From the Charity's Focus Group: My name is Loula and I am studying History, English Lit and Geography with a breadth option of EPQ. As a charity’s leader with Lia, I feel it is important to educate both the lower school and sixth form on the importance of charity and how much we can help the local community, or even larger problems regarding the wider world. The need for charity is constantly growing in society and seems to be generally misunderstood by students so hopefully we can help with this. I am considering studying either English Literature or Law in university after my A Levels, but I will continue my passion and interest surrounding music, specifically guitar and bass. I can answer any questions you have. Send them to

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