Students Recognise International Women's Day

In our International Women’s Day presentation, we highlighted both positive changes that have been made in the way of improving women’s rights and also the problems that are still faced by women both nationally and globally. Our presentation also explained what gender bias is and how you can combat it in everyday life. We also spoke about some ‘unsung heroes’, women such as Ibtihaj Muhammad and Patsy Mink, who helped pave the way for women today but are often not mentioned when celebrating the achievements of women. We presented our assembly to Year 8s and 9s and recorded a virtual assembly which was shown to the rest of the lower school and sixth form. We also organised a non-uniform day on which we asked people to wear purple, the internationally recognised colour to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse and give a donation for Women’s Aid- a national charity working to support women and children affected by abuse. The social media team also helped to promote this year’s International Women’s Day theme: #BreakTheBias.
By Emma