Pupil Takes Wins at District & National

Young Writer Competition: The Rotary Club – Severn Vale Area
Theme: “My Happiest Day”

My Happiest Day - Poem
I hate the idea of the ‘happiest day’.
One day when you just feel good
Fixated on concepts of ‘perfect’,
The ‘best’. We don’t see what is already here.
We don’t understand - imperfect’s perfect;
It’s sadness that helps us see good.
We’ll wait and wait for the ‘happiest day’
But it’s been here all along - we just missed it.
By Kerry

Kerry won at Senior and District sections. Then went on to take 2nd at National Level. She accepted her certificate, trophy and vouchers from Rotary President, Martin Greaves and Youth Lead Bob Roberts.

The judge said of Kerry’s 8 line poem, “Poetry, does tend to force concentration, so there is more in those lines than appears at first sight.  I particularly like the way that the writer turned the title on its head, almost berating the organisers for picking a title that devalues every other day.  In these eight lines, there is a philosophy of life. The poem meets other technical criteria, there are no clichés, few wasted words and excellent use of vocabulary.”

Well done Kerry!