Marling Students Rank Highly in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Record numbers from Marling took part in this difficult challenge this year. All participants demonstrated a fantastic aptitude for chemistry, with 5 students on track to achieve a silver award for being in the top 25% of national participants, 2 students gained a gold award and were amongst the top 10% of 6000+ entrants nationwide. In an outstanding demonstration of his ability, John Sykes gained a score typically within the top 1% of entrants.

The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge is for year 12 chemistry students and consists of a 90 minute written exam paper. Taken under strict conditions, the paper consists of questions which will challenge the participants to apply their understanding beyond the contexts normally encountered at A level.

Aspiring scientists have a chance to compete on a national stage and those who can demonstrate a sound knowledge and understanding of the key principles of A level chemistry can gain a copper level certificate. Those who show an outstanding understanding of the chemistry they have studied and can apply to new context, under time pressure will be eligible for a silver or gold level certificate from the University of Cambridge Chemistry Department.